Doug February 2, 2023

Doug | 2022-11-07 16:47:17

"Alex - owner and the crew have always provided straight info. 30 years and at least 20 vehicles and many smog tests. I prayed alot on the close calls !"
Annette Sunshine February 2, 2023

Annette Sunshine | 2023-01-17 05:36:35

"After a lack of communication on my part, I arrived shortly before 5:00pm for a smog check. Although they were ready to close, they were very nice and proceeded to do the smog check. You don't find too many people to be as accommodating, in this day and age, as they were. I really appreciate their consideration. "
Sue Shine January 9, 2023

2023-03-09 | 16:55:45

"Did the job quick!"
Jon Curtis November 21, 2022

2023-02-09 | 20:29:48

"We had a 3:00 pm. appointment and had no waiting upon arrival. Encinitas Smog Center was Fast and Efficient. I will return when my other vehicle is due for its Smog check."
Dave Hanley August 26, 2022

2023-02-09 | 20:30:11

"Got in and out quickly, arrived early for my appointment but called ahead and they said I would get in and out ahead of time and I did"
Diana Zafra May 16, 2022

2023-02-09 | 20:31:35

"Great place to get your smog test! Alex was very helpful and quick in getting me an appointment. Highly recommend!"